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ABOUT Vaginoplasty

The effect of repeated child births leads to the dilation of the muscles of the vagina, leading to widening. With the normal tone of the muscles being lost, the sexual pleasure is gravely affected. The elasticity of the pelvic muscles and the vagina is also reduced. Any kind of vaginal tightening is also combined with the rejuvenation of the vulva for enhancing the appeal of the genitals. It is one of the fastest growing segments in the plastic surgery industry. An increasing number of women are availing of these amenities to add to their genital aesthetics as well as sexual performances.


Also known as the ‘mommy makeover’, the purpose of the process is to tighten the vagina for increasing the sexual satisfactionof either partner. The vagina is restored to its pre-marital condition, tighter and tauter. Along with tightening, the symptoms associated with defecation and urination might also be relieved with the correction of the rectocele and cystocele. The layers of supporting tissues and lax muscles are dissected meticulously as well as repositioned to their normal place. Muscular vectors are restored to acquire good perineal and vaginal tonality. With improved muscular tone and voluntariness, the woman experiences improved self-esteem.


One of the commonest reasons as to why women go for vaginal tightening is that they are unhappy with the look and feel of their vagina. For a large number of women, this is caused due to changes in the vagina which occur from their birth, multiple times. With vaginal tightening, this issue can be well taken care of. Even if this seems like unbelievable, the truth is that more and more women are flocking to Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic to realize the benefits of this method.

One common reason why women go for vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation is incontinence. Women tend to experience urinary incontinence as they age, and after they have undergone pregnancy. Vaginoplasty is a quick fix as it helps the urine to prevent from leaking involuntarily. Vaginal surgery is also a medical requirement in some cases. For example, a few women have imperforate hymen in which the membrane does not break, making intercourse impossible. Others might experience a pelvic prolapse, thus necessitating the need of surgery for repair. Women go for vaginal rejuvenation to restore the normal look of their vagina. However, the vulva of every woman is unique to her, and this is the context on which the surgery is based.

Since there is no particular size of genitals, women should feel comfortable with something that suits their appearance and overall temperament. Women who go for vaginoplasty feel that their vaginal issues have been permanently fixed. The surgery also reduces incontinence, and a renewed interest in sex. This means the restoration of marital bliss, leading to the satisfaction of both the partners. They no longer need to fear disappointing their partner during intimacy. The surgery also leads to a considerable amount of vaginal tightening. Visit Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic for vaginoplasty.



1 How much will it cost?

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6 How long the result last after the surgery, is it temperary or perminent?

7 Does it left any scars?

8 How much time do I need to take off work?

9 Will I need more than one surgery?

10 What is the most important consideration when patients considering a surgery?

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