Hand trauma can be dealt through plastic surgery for covering the open wounds. The physicians at the Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic are trained at accredited training centers to provide patients with expert treatment of hand trauma care, fracture, masses, covering of open wounds, carpal tunnel, trigger fingers and replanting digits. The surgeons at Elegance have been taking calls in the Emergency Room for a number of years and they know what your problem is. Active privileges are available here. If the hand problems are congenital or chronic, patients are referred to plastic or orthopedic surgeons with additional training who are specifically trained in the field of hand surgery.

Machine injuries and closed hand injuries are treated successfully by the surgeons with best cooperation from the plastic surgery and orthopedic departments to ensure the best interests of the patient. The cases might vary from nerve injuries as a result of crushing in a door to full scale amputations. The surgeons take the maximum amount of care to render optimum tissue salvage for a functional outcome. With superb hand plastic surgeries and expertise, the department performs successful re-implants including injuries to the vessels and tendons. If the part has been amputated, it is washed in sterile saline or clean water and kept in clean zipper plastic bag.

The part is cooled with cold packs or ice and must not be kept in direct contact with ice. Make sure that it is stored without any antiseptics or chemicals as if it is preserved in that way, it can even be replanted. Moreover, parts of the removed brachial plexus can be used like grafts for covering up the stump. The injured part or finger must be cleaned with disinfected saline and wrapped in sterile dressings. The patient’s hand is elevated and with direct compression, most of the bleeding is stopped. The victim should then be taken to the hospital along with the part.

If the patient experiences any kind of hand fractures, the surgeons can repair the condition. Thorough professional cleaning is done to start the effect of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications for eliminating swelling. Fracture repairs, releases, repairs of tendons, releases, injury reconstruction, congenital defects and rheumatoid deformities are also treated. Microsurgical reattachment is done of amputated digits and limbs, with microsurgical soft tissue and bone reconstruction and corresponding surgery to enhance the function of the upper limbs. The aim is to maintain as much length as is possible. With longer fingers, patients have better hand function. Flaps are moved to cover the injured ends.