Rhinoplasty which is also known as ‘nose reshaping’ or a ‘nose job’ is a cosmetic surgical option that is done to improve the shape and structure of your nose in right proportion in order to enhance your beauty, confidence and facial characteristics. Sometimes to relieve people from breathing problems and impairmentnose reshaping surgery is suggested. The shape of your nose is mostly the result of inheritance and this can be enhanced and improved with help of modern cosmetic surgical processes.

With rhinoplasty surgical procedure, you can alter and modify the shape of your nose. Some of the things that you can accomplish with the help of this advanced technology include the following:

  • Reshape your nose in accordance with your facial structure.
  • It helps narrow the bridge of your nose.
  • It can help you get relief from any lump on the bridge.
  • Enhancement or reduction of nostrils can also be done.
  • Removal of any other deviation and abnormality in the nose.

Do you feel odd or unhappy when looking at your nose in the mirror? Before you determine that you want to go for nose redefining surgery, it is important to consult an experienced and expert plastic surgeon who is rightly skilled in this task. Have a face to face discussion with your doctor so that you get to know all about the surgery in details. In order to be able to undergo cosmetic surgery, you should satisfy the following criteria:

  • It should be your personal decision with practical expectations.
  • You should be at least 13 years of age with fully developed facial structure.
  • You should not have the habit of heavy smoking.
  • You know what you want from the surgery and its related complications.

There are two most prominent types of this cosmetic surgery i.e. reduction and augmentation rhinoplasty. These are widely used to solve your nasal problems.


The prime objective of this kind of surgery is to reduce the size of the nose by removing the different tissues. Sometimes, the bone is cut in the nostril whereas many times it is rearranged to give your nose a proper and shorter shape. The outer skin is however left untouched so that it gradually gets draped in the new shape. Fine scar marks on the nose may remain for some days ( and then fade away) as surgeons need to make proportional incisions for better shaping.


This process is suited for people with small and constrained noses which can be made to look wider and larger by adding extra tissues through cuts. The extra cartilage or bone used in this procedure is mostly grafted from the Chesthipsback elbowskull etc. Sometimes, spare cartilage is also taken from the ears or artificial implants are implanted to reshape the nose properly.

Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that takes approximately 80-90 minutes to be accomplished successfully. However, you may suffer from some after effects such as numbness and discomfort for a few weeks.

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