Nipple Correction Surgery in Karachi, Pakistan by Dr. Faisal Akhlaq

Nipple and areola are the beauty of human breast. Unfortunately, there are few conditions in which nipple is not normal and need to be corrected specially in female. Reason is not only cosmetic but also for proper breast feeding.

There is a condition commonly known as inverted nipple and it is easily correctable with a small procedure under local anesthesia. It not helps u to regain your confidence but also for well being of tour baby.

Than people have large nipples that feel ugly and some time they discharge lot of fluids making it uncomfortable for females. They normal show more crusting than normal nipples. Making their care difficult. If you are facing this problem you can contact Elegance plastic surgery clinic located in Clifton block – 4, Karachi Pakistan to confidently correct this deformity.

This is unfortunate that we have lot of incidence of breast cancer. Majority of these females left with no nipple areola after their surgeries. In these woman with their breast nipple and areola can also be reconstructed to make them feel more satisfied from themselves.

These surgery gives a lot of psychological boost to the woman.

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