Neck Liposuction

Neck liposuction helps people in attaining a better and younger appearance. The neck region is one of the first areas of the body which shows signs of aging. Women who are in their ‘40s find that the skin on their necks start to sag even when their bodies are well toned. For men, the smooth jaw line might show signs of jowls beginning to appear. Our skin loses elasticity with age and the neck is one of the first areas to sow this sign.

Advancements in neck liposuction have eliminated the look of jowls or waddles from your appearance. Whether you tend to hide sagging skin with your scarf or use jewelry, it will ultimately show. Neck liposuction helps you look both graceful and young.

With advancements in neck liposuction, one of the most common procedures is laser liposuction. Laser targets and sculpts this part of the body to give you an appearance that is years younger. The methods of liposuction include using a cannula which is put in through the tiny incisions without creating scars. The benefit of using the laser method is that the minimal volumes of fat deposits are melted away, facilitating elimination through suction. Additionally, the overlying skin is also tightened.

The process of neck liposuction requires only 30 minutes, with the help of local anesthesia. The consequence is a fine and more sculpted appearance in the neck region without sagging or loose skin. Like any other liposuction procedure, patients recovering from neck liposuction are advised to wear a compression bandage by their cosmetic surgeon. The bandage is wrapped around the neck to allow closure of the incision and minimize swelling. Initially, you are required to wear the bandage always, but later on, you can take it off occasionally.

The minimum recovery period is a week without effects of long term scarring. If you are wondering whether you are the right candidate for neck liposuction, you should know that this process benefits both men and women of all ages. If your neck is losing its sculpted look, thanks to localized fat and loose skin, you should opt for neck liposuction.

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