MACS are the abbreviated form of Minimal Access Cranial Suspension. It is also known as a mini lift, soft lift or S-lift. It is an advanced form of natural facial rejuvenation in which the jaws are tightened and areas like the neck and cheek folds are improved. This facelift procedure is minimally invasive, the scar is minimal and the recovery time is also rapid. MACS facelift give a quick and long lasting result

What Happens in the MACS Facelift?

In the MACS facelift, the plastic surgeon makes an incision on the exterior part of the ear at its junction with cheek. The incision tightens the flaccid subcutaneous tissue by a special inner suture that is then added into the upper section. The additional skin is eliminated and the skin sutured. Blood and other fluids are drawn from the site of incision with the help of a subcutaneous drain. The extra fat is eliminated, among other things. The type of treatment that you choose to undergo is a result of a discussion that you have with your surgeon.

Difference with Traditional Facelift

In the MACS facelift, the incision is made to the hairline area above and before the ear only. It does not exceed beyond this part.

Unlike a traditional facelift, the area that is practiced on is considerably smaller and merely includes a part of the cheek. The blood supply of the skin is more vigorous and this makes the method safe for smokers. As compared to other facelifts, the risks of skin necrosis in MACS are minimal.

The permanent suspension sutures are used to uplift the underlying tissue. The sutures travel through the jowls, neck and cheek fat pad. In other facelifts, there is no elevation in the middle of the face. The MACS lift gives a rise to the malar fat pad, reducing the naso-labial folds.

There are fewer chances of damaging the facial nerve.

As the dissection and undermining is less, there is minimal oedema and post-operation swelling, as is the case in normal facelifts.

The stitches at the ears and your alternate hairline are removed 5 days later, whereas the other hairline sutures are removed after 10 days. The MACS facelift represents a major development of facial rejuvenation surgery and promises faster recovery. It also improves the malar region and middle of the face which is not addressed by other kinds of facelifts. The effects of a MACS facelift last for up to 10 years depending on the elasticity of your skin, exposure to ultraviolet light and diet.