Hypospadias surgery


Hypospadias surgery or repair is the surgery which is used for the correction of a birth defect in boys. In this problem, the urethra does not finish at the tip of the male penis, but concludes on the underside. In severe instances, the urethra opens up at the bottom or middle of the penis or behind or inside the scrotum. Hypospadias repair is generally done in boys aged between 6 months and 2 years. It is done on the outpatient basis. This is something that hardly requires the patient to stay overnight in the hospital. If a boy is born with hypospadias, they must not circumcised during childhood until the repair is being done successfully. This foreskin is used for repair during the surgery.

The child is given general anesthesia before surgery which makes him sleep or unable to experience pain during surgery. Any minor defects can be treated with the help of a single procedure. Severe defects require a couple of procedures. The surgeonat the Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic uses a single piece of tissue or foreskin from another part of the body to create a tube which increases the child’s urethra. Extending the length allows the tube to be opened at the end of the penis.

In the process of surgery, the surgeon can place a tube or catheter in the urethra so that it can hold the new shape. The catheter is fastened or sewn to the head of the penis to make it stay in shape. It is removed a couple of weeks after surgery. The sutures and stitches that are used in the surgery dissolve by themselves without requiring later removal. A shorter urethra increases the chances of UTI in the initial 12 months. On the morning when the surgery is to be done, the child will not be permitted to eat food or drink anything after midnight.

In case any drug needs to be administered, the child should have it with a slight sip of water. The nurse or doctor will tell you when you need to be present for surgery. The child must not show any sign of illness. Once the process is over, the penis is taped securely to the belly so that there is no movement. A plastic cup or bulky dressing is placed on the penis to secure the surgical region. The child is encouraged to take in fluids in order to make him urinate. Urinating will prevent pressure from accumulating in the urethra.

The child can be taken home the same day of the surgery, with medicines administered to relieve the pain. If you live far off, you might be recommended to put up at a hotel nearby for the night and undertake the journey the following day.

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