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The hymenal ring of a woman gets interrupted after sexual intercourse or stressing physical activity or use of tampons. At times, women might ask for a tightened hymen to make the area more tight and intact. The surgery helps in attaining pain and vaginal bleeding during intercourse. The surgery of hymenoplasty helps in restoring and tightening the hymen to an intact state like when you were a virgin. Laser is an alternative. Since there are ample variations in hymenoplasty, the plastic surgeons at the Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic customize the surgery according to the expectations and needs of the woman..

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The patient discusses her requirements with the doctor and the process is carried out likewise. Gynecological examination and pre-surgical consultation are carried out and the success of the process is ascertained only when the patients find that the consequences of the surgery are entirely undetectable. The amazing hymen looks completely natural and spontaneous. The doctor is experienced and certified Plastic surgeon who has an excellent track record in producing the best results. The vaginal rejuvenation surgery is performed by maintaining utmost confidentiality. The patients are required to have thorough gynecological examinations done on them where their expectations are extensively discussed by the doctor.

The patients are counseled individually and educated about what they must expect once they are at the operation theater. This includes the options, benefits and possible risks. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia with the patient being awake. Patients can opt for conscious sedation so that they can stay more relaxed and comfortable. Some patients might however opt for general anesthesia. Once the surgery is done, patients need to avoid douching, sex and tampons for a period of 6 weeks. Patients need to return to office 6 weeks following surgery to continue with a follow up exam.


There are ample benefits of hymenoplasty or revirgination. The process can technically make a woman a virgin again. A good candidate for hymenoplasty is a woman who has her hymen ruptured due to sexual activity, use of tampons and stressful physical activity. The process is not a medical necessity, and this is why a person who goes for this process is someone who has intense physical desires and other reasons for restoring her hymen. A candidate should also be above 18, and without any serious disease or heat conditions.

Revirgination is a surgery which is accomplished in two ways – basic hymenoplasty and alloplant hymenoplasty. In the former, the edges of the torn tissue are reattached to meet at the center. In the latter, a substance is placed inside the vagina to act as the hymen.



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