Hand Surgery

The hands serve a number of purposes. They help us to dress, write, eat, create art, earn our living and perform a host of other activities. In order to achieve these activities and tasks, the hands require movement and sensation such as tendon gliding, joint motion and contraction of the muscles. In case of a problem in the hands, care needs to be given to the various types of tissues which enable the hands to perform their functions. The surgeons are trained specifically to provide that particular form of care. This particular type of surgery deals with problems of the wristhand, and the forearm.

The surgeons treat the problems without surgery and they can operate when necessary. The hand surgeons are experienced in caring for and diagnosing problems related to the elbow and shoulders. The surgeons are plastic, general or orthopedic surgeons with added training in hand surgery. The hand surgery is specialized and helps in curing impaired strength of your fingers and wrists. Surgery seeks to correct any kind of abnormalities which are present. The various kinds of treatments include the carpal tunnel syndrome which is caused by pressure to the median nerve that is located within the carpal tunnel or the wrist.

There might be pain, tingling, numbness, aching or weakness. The situation is related with overuse or repeated motion, or fluid retention during pregnancynerve injury, or rheumatoid arthritis. In rheumatoid arthritis, there can be severe inflammation in any of the joints in your body. When it happens in the hand, it impairs movement and deforms fingers. In Dupuytren’s contracture, there are scar-like thick bands that are formed within the palm. They can extend up to the fingers, causing restricted movement, bending the fingers into an irregular position.

For those who are wondering if the process is right for them, hand surgery can be a highly individualized procedure and it can be performed on people of any age group. It is a recommended option if you do not have any medical condition, or illness which can interfere with healing. In a few instances, hand surgery is recommended for the treatment of wounds and in painful conditions. All triggering is not severe enough to call for intervention. It occurs occasionally with minimal discomfort and for this a more conservative approach is required. Steroid injections may be required for injecting in the hands for those with more troubling symptoms.