If you have burned or scalded your hands, you might be the right candidate for hand burn surgery. There are 2 primary types of burn surgeryacute surgery and reconstructive surgery. In acute burn care, the surgery is carried out immediately after the injury. For a complex burn, often a consultation is required with the plastic surgeon that assists the patient in dealing with these cases. Burns in the critical areas of the body or large burns are treated at the Burn center. Smaller burns can be managed on an outpatient basis.

Reconstructive burn surgery is a requirement once the initial burns have been healed. The aim of reconstructive burn surgery implies the improvement of the cosmetic appearance and function of the burn hands. It includes the alteration or modification of the scar tissue through non-operative and operative means. The relationship between the reconstructive burn surgeon and the patient generally lasts for a long number of years. The treatment of scar tissues in the hand usually require several months for being effective, with fresh scar contractures appearing long after the injuries.

For hand burn reconstructive surgery, you are a good candidate if you realize that surgery cannot completely heal your scarring, but can help in improving the basic functions for making the scars less noticeable. If the contracture from the scarring is restricted to the motion of the hands, it might be beneficial to release the scar contractures. Any other kind of scarring can also be addressed. Scars which are unusually wide, thick or discolored can improve using non-operative and operative methods. Non-operative methods include scar massage, use of pressure garments and topical therapies which require occupational therapy.

Hand therapists are also present within the operation theater to assist with the rehabilitation of hand scars and burns. Operative therapy includes the scar release processes. If a tight scar is released, the opening part of the skin should be repaired. A number of techniques are used by the surgeons at the Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic to close the wounds. Skin rearrangement, grafting and other kinds of complex flaps might be required depending on the location of the injury and the expected result. If it is a minor procedure, it is performed as an outpatient surgery, but the larger flaps and grafts call for inpatient stay.

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