Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is one of the newest and popular methods of plastic surgery that is used to acquire fat from one body part to be transmitted in other parts. Having broad application in the new age treatment processes of plastic surgeryfat grafting is also known as fat injection which makes for a safe and long lasting solution. If you have any body part that lacks proper volume of fat such as in cheeks, face, breast, buttock, hand, feet, acne scars  and more, this procedure can add balance and augmentation in the right proportion. Depending on the treatment process and health of the patient, fat grafting may need to be done several times in order to get the desired result.

Who is a good candidate for fat grafting?

Patients who need to augment their deficient areas with implant of fat can benefit maximum through this process of fat grafting. Most commonly, it is seen that fat grafting is done in areas such as hands, face, skin depression and more through the combination of liposuction method.

To get maximum benefit of fat grafting process, candidate needs to be in good health. If you have a background of excessive bleeding or swelling in surgical processes, it is suggested that you inform the surgeon in advance. Moreover, the body proportion and lifestyle of the patient also needs to be taken into consideration when opting for fat grafting surgery.

Fat Grafting Process

To indulge in this process of plastic surgery, patients need to go through a pre-surgical evaluation to stay mentally prepared. You must discuss and consult with your surgeon in advance to have complete knowledge about the treatment process, its complications, benefits and more. Based on your lifestyle, background history and ongoing diseases, it is also necessary that the surgeon should determine the preference for anesthesia, donor area and more.

In this process of fat injection transfer, a suction tube is used to absorb away fat cells from the donor part, which is later injected in the area of augmentation. The fat cells are processed and purified thoroughly before using it in order to make a satisfactory outline. Most commonly, local anesthesia is used by surgeon in this procedure of fat transfer.

Risks Of Fat Grafting Process

Fat grafting method is no doubt the best solution to augment and add volume to any specific body part. However, there are some inherent risks and complications that are associated with this plastic surgery as stated below:

  • Swelling in the affected areas.
  • Bruise and numbness.
  • Blood clot.
  • Excessive bleeding.

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