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For those who have a flat face and want to add volume to various facial areas such as lip, cheeks, chin etc., the facial augmentation process through plastic surgery is the best way to avail positive result. This treatment process focuses on the facial features that need to be bolstered and made fuller to give you a better structure and look. People with sunken cheeks or thin chin mostly need the help of implant, fat graftingfillers process that helps make the area look smoother, firm and fuller.

Below are details of implant for fat grafting and fillers please see the concern page.

Types of Facial Augmentation

There are various types of facial augmentation processes that are widely used by plastic surgeons to help your facial specification get more sharpened and attractive. The prominent types of face augmentation and upgrading include the following:

  • Cheek augmentation
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Lip augmentation

Treatment Varieties in Facial Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation

In the cheek augmentation process, implants/ fat graft are used to improve the volume of the face, mostly with help of silicone. The best advantage of this treatment is that patient can get the silicone implant in the cheek removed later in case he/she is not satisfied with the output. This plastic surgery process allows you to enjoy a natural look with integration of natural tissues in future days. However it is suggested that you consult with your surgeon in advance to not only get informed but also enjoy the best solution that is in sync to your need.

Chin Augmentation

For those who are planning to undergo facial augmentation to get a balanced structure and appearance, chin augmentation successfully defined the lower part of the mouth, thus making it sharp and prominently attractive. You can even combine multiple facial treatment processes together with this surgery to witness positive results at its best. In this surgical treatment also silicone implants are used, mostly at the lower jaw area so that there is no visible scar marks.

Lip Augmentation

In lip augmentation, there are two ways of treatment that can help add more prominence and volume to the lip. While the first one uses lip implant that is injected for a more permanent result, on the other hand small sized silicons are placed through surgery to add bolster to the lip area.

For the surgical process of lip implantsurgeons make small incisions at the side of the mouth which mostly gets headed quickly within few days of operation. Sometimes, natural body fats from other parts are transplanted in this implant process to give you realistic and soft lips.

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