For victims of burn, the pain and scars become hard to forget as it deforms their body parts badly. To get rid of face burn marks and scars that not only make you look odd but also keeps you reminding of that terrifying incident, plastic surgery for face restoration is the best help at hand. With help of positive reconstructive burn surgeries, you can successfully recover from the marks and scars of burn effectively.

With advancement and technological development, plastic surgery is the new treatment process which helps recover from physical deformities and defects in an easy and simple manner. Your rough and burned skinned layer will get properly removed, making you look good and normal once again.

Process of Face Reconstruction

For cases of partial burns, plastic surgeons can help reconstruct your facial structures along with hair transplant and other processes as per need. There are different types of burn treatment methods that are used by surgeons to assist patients in proper and quick recovery. One of the prominent face reconstruction processes that is most popularly used in cases of face reconstruction through plastic surgery is the skin grafting procedure.

Skin Grafting

In this method of treatment, surgeons take skin from unburned body parts, known as donor site, to replace it on the burned areas so that your skin looks normal once again. The  severity of the burns along with other factors such as age, lifestyle, habits and more need to be considered in this process to avail best results. Most commonly, body areas such as forearm, back and scalp makes for prominent donor sites that are used to help you get back normal facial skin, with scar marks hidden.

Blocks of skin tissues are taken from donor sites of body to arrange it rightly on the burned area, making for reconstruction that looks natural and impressive. Patients should therefore discuss and consult with an experienced plastic surgeon in advance to get comprehensive idea about the treatment, its complications, benefits and more.

On the other hand, for less complicated cases of face reconstruction, the burned area scars are evaded or hidden professionally by surgeons with help of various modern techniques such as grafting, internal slings, scar revision, tissue expander and laser treatment to name a few.

Normally it takes around 3-4 weeks for a patient of face reconstruction and upgrading plastic surgery to get back to normal activities. Consultation with your surgeon is always recommended to avoid unwanted mishaps and hazards.