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Hair transplantation is no longer just a service available to those who want to reverse their balding patterns or revive their receding hairlines. These days, more and more individuals are opting for hair transplant surgeries in order to enhance their appearances. Eyebrows and eyelashes are essentially the most important facial features as they not only frame the entire face but also help refine an individual’s outer image. Unlike usual hair loss, that occurs at the scalp, losing one’s eyelashes is a phenomenon that is foreign and not well-accepted in society just yet. Eyelash hair loss usually occurs due to some sort of trauma/ shock or could be the consequence of using artificial eyelashes. Other reasons which can lead an individual to lose their eyelashes are burns and cancer treatments. For those individuals, eyelash transplantation is a saving grace, although most of the people that get the procedure done, get it so they can have fuller, and more attractive eyelashes. The procedure is done through the FUE method and thus is generally painless and doesn’t require long recovery time. Thus for those who want to get the transplant done, Elegance plastic surgery with its staff full of experienced individuals provides an opportunity to get eyelash transplants in Karachi. As the process is optimal for smaller regions, thus, there is a high success rate associated with the method in relation to eyelashes. Eyelashes are not only for aesthetic purposes, but they also play a key role in protecting the eyeballs from dust, sweat, particles and other harmful alien substances. Thus, getting eyelash implants is necessary for protecting one’s eyeball from infection and pain. However before one truly opts for this process, one must realize that eyelash transplantation is a very intricate matter, and there are many complications associated. To get the procedure done by doctors you can trust, in order to minimize that risk, you should head over to Elegance plastic surgery as it provides an opportunity to get eyelash transplants in Karachi at affordable prices.



Eyelash Transplants follow standard procedure and involve harvesting hair follicles for a region on the scalp and transferring it to the eyelash strip. The FUE or the follicular unit extraction method is used for the process, and since it is a highly non-invasive process, thus the process itself does not involve any sort of severe pain. During the process, certain specialized hair follicles are carefully extracted and are arranged at certain angles in order to mimic natural eyelashes. These hair follicles are extracted from the scalp with the help of specialized instruments. These instruments are small diameter tools or micro-surgical extraction instruments that measure up to nearly 0.6mm and 1.0mm. This process is opted by a large number of individuals not only due to the low-risk factor but also because the process leaves no jarring scar by the end of the process. The number of sessions and the overall time taken for the procedure to be completed is also a significant factor when it comes to the general popularity of this method. Generally, it takes 2-3 short sessions for the procedure to reach completion. The entire process is carried out under the influence of local anesthesia and involves, the surgeon using the micro-surgical extraction instruments to make several punctures in the recipient region, in order to make room for the harvested hair follicles. A certain level of pressure is exerted upon the patient’s skin whilst making these punctures. The doctor continuously checks and rechecks the arrangement of these follicles in order to make sure that the eyelashes look as natural as possible; The surgeon will also make sure that the trans-section rates don’t get too high and that the hairs aren’t too tightly held by the piloerector muscles, as it can cause extreme pain and increase the chance of infections.


There are numerous benefits associated with eyelash transplant. As the method used for the procedure is largely non-invasive, thus there is no risk of developing jarring scars that might alter the individual’s appearance forever. Due to the process not being too intense, in the sense that it involves no cutting, stitching or suturing, the process will not cause any drastic change upon the patient’s facial features. In accordance with there being no actual cutting of the skin, the pain involved with the process is highly minimal. Thus, this process is a saving grace for those who shy away from getting fuller eyelashes due to the fear that the process might accompany jarring pain or numbness. As the process is best for limited areas, thus one can be sure that the results of the surgery will be positive. The high success rate thus puts the patient’s at ease and takes away the chances of there being a critical complication or error. The sessions associated with eyelash transplant are also shorter and thus, this process can be opted by those who have busier schedules or need to integrate back into their daily lives at a faster pace. Eyelashes properly cement a person’s facial appearance, however, one might worry about the process involving excessive, bleeding or swelling. But one of the biggest benefits of the procedure is that due to its non-invasive nature, the patient would not have to deal with any ‘too’ over the top side effects. Getting this procedure puts the patient’s eyes at lesser risk, as it reinstates the natural layer of protection given to the eyeballs by the eyelashes.


Some complications associated with this procedure as mentioned above may include trichiasis (eyelash misdirection) and loss of vision. Corneal scarring is another important complication that one must be aware of. Other than that, there might also be minimal scarring upon the donor and recipient areas. There might also be bleeding, swelling and bruising near the eyes. Additionally, there might also be an occurrence of necrosis and or cysts erupting all across the treated area. There might also be residual pain and numbness after the surgery, however that numbness is generally temporary. However, as this process involves such an intricate part of the body, thus the pain might be unbearable to some. The patient might also end up suffering Folliculitis, which is essentially the inflammation of hair follicles. Other than that, some common complications include the chance of getting infections, which in turn, affects the overall growth capabilities of the hairs.


The recovery time for this procedure is not drawn out, rather it takes about a few days for the individual to recover fully. In the initial days, the pain and numbness may remain, but it fades away gradually. Many doctors also prescribe certain medications and products to apply in order to help with the pain. If one follows the doctor’s advice properly and is extra careful to not rub or damage the treated skin, it takes about the week for the pain to subside. The effects of the surgery will not be instantly visible, it will take about a few weeks to know whether or not the transplanted hair looks natural. The hair that is transplanted isn’t like normal eyelashes, so the patient must be informed prior to the operation that the eyelashes won’t look completely natural, that is they won’t have a curve. The eyelashes will also continue growing all through your life, thus the patient needs to trim them occasionally. If one notices any sort of abnormality or if they aren’t happy with the results, they need to immediately contact their doctor and get another procedure done. With that in mind, to get an eyelash transplant in Karachi by doctors you can trust, immediately contact Elegance Plastic Surgery.


Although the FUE method is largely a non-invasive surgery, there are a lot of risks associated with the process itself. The risks that are associated with eyelash transplant are largely due to the high sensitivity of the area in question. Most doctors want the patients to be aware of the risks before going into the surgery. Eyelash transplant can lead to a couple of problems that include trichiasis (eyelash misdirection), and, in extreme cases, it might even threaten the patient’s vision. Eyelash transplant is generally discouraged and is only allowed for those who are suffering from severe chemical burns or for reconstructive surgery. There is also the risk of the eyelashes growing at unnatural angles. Due to this, the lashes can become misdirected, which might end up causing severe complications like ocular irritation, infection, and even corneal scarring. Thus, the procedure might even result in the patient losing their sight for good. The other, less jarring risks include hair loss and scarring on the donor area, as well as the development of see-through hair in the donor area. The donor area might also be affected in such a way, that thinning of hair might occur. As the procedure involves rarely any foresight or means to know whether or not the hairs are being arranged properly, thus at the end of the procedure, the patient might end up with eyelashes growing at weird obscure angles. The doctor might also, in an attempt to make the recipient’s eyelashes thicker and denser, end up making certain rash decisions that might cause faulty arrangement or even follicular damage. The surgery might also negatively affect the hair growing capabilities of both the recipient and donor region.




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