Ptosis can be termed as a condition in which either the upper or lower eyelid of the patient tends to droop, sometimes making it look like closed eyes. This drooping eyelid disorder is also better known as ‘lazy eyes’ which refers to tired eye muscles of an individual that partially or completely descends over the pupil. If left untreated for long, it not only look aesthetically unpleasant but can also can result in other chronic eye sight problems such as amblyopia and astigmatism. To get rid of this problem, Ptosis surgery can help treat the drooping eyelid effectively and successfully. With both children and adults getting equally affected with this problem, it is suggested that you opt for this treatment at an early age to avail better development of vision.

Signs and Symptoms of Eye Drop Problem

There are some obvious signs and symptoms that are associated with this eye drop problem as stated below:

  • Partial or complete drooping eyelid.
  • Difficulty in vision.
  • Difference in the skin color of eyelids.
  • Lack of elasticity in tissues.

Causes of Eye Drop or Ptosis

While some people are born with the problem of ptosis, there are others who develop it with age. On the other hand, there are some individuals who are attacked with this eye problem due to injury or lack of muscle elasticity. The prominent causes of ptosis that you should be aware of include the following:

  • Increase in age or injury.
  • Loose elasticity of eye lid muscle.
  • Eye tumor.
  • Neurological defect and disorder.
  • Diabetes.

Treatment of Ptosis

Surgery is the best way to get relief from ptosis or eye dropping problem. With help of experienced and professional surgeon, the eye tissue muscle needs to be tightened in order to lift the eye lids so that you get to have better vision and image appearance. In this treatment process, the surgeon pulls up the eyelid towards the eyebrows, which makes the forehead muscles as substitute that helps in lifting the drooping eyelids successfully.

This treatment makes your eyelids appear balanced and well adjusted. To avail the best of this treatment process, you must consider a surgeon who is professionally skilled, experienced and expertise in this task. Consultation and detail discussion with your doctor in advance is essentially important to get complete knowledge and information about the process, its complications and other relevant aspects.

In children also, ptosis surgery is advised at the earliest to develop proper eye sight and vision, so that there is less complications and risks to consider.

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