Ear Ring Clefts

If you are suffering from ear ring clefts or split and torn earlobes, you must see a cosmetic surgeon at the Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic. Earlobes are ear appendages that are made out of soft skin and a small part of fat tissue. Other than working for the appearance of the ears, the ear lobes are popular locations for adornment with jewelry. The lobes are pierced to accommodate various ornaments. The earlobes may tear due to a tearing of the earlobe tissues through excessive weight. The split looks unattractive and makes the earring unusable for further use. Clip-on earrings might still be fitted for camouflaging the tearing of the earlobe.

The split earlobes can be corrected with the help of cosmetic surgery. Patients might use temporary tape for repairing the torn lobe. However, this might lead to infections in the skin making the patient suffer. Most of the torn earlobes may be corrected safely and efficiently with delicate surgical repair methods. The process can be carried out using local anesthesia along with an optional sedative. Once the planning and marking are done, a small bit of lidocaine numbing solution is applied. The process can be carried out without any kind of irritation.

The repair is done in a zigzag form or straight line. Fine suture threads are used to support the repair and reduce the scarring. Earlobe slits or enlarged piercing holes are demonstrated with incomplete tearing which starts at the original site of piercing. It is continued up to a certain degree. The resultant large hole in the earlobe is reduced so that it is not too enlarged for holding earrings any more. The cosmetic surgeon can perform the closure of the slit-like hole within the office itself. New piercings can be performed only after a period of 8 weeks.

Your earlobes might be huge since birth but might get bigger in size with growing age. A huge earlobe might need a substantial ear ring for maintaining a perfect balance; small ear studs might get lost within the huge space of the earlobe. Huge earlobes can sag and also hang down too far which might earn benefit from a fall in hanging curvature. In other situations, earlobe is instead a fleshy and an elongated demanding a fall of overall length. An earlobe lessening treatment is performed in a doctor’s office by using local anesthesia with an option of sedative. Varieties of issues might demand reconstructive operation of earlobes.

huge earlobe