Congenital anomalies represent malformations of the body which are present right from birth. These may affect the various parts of the body such as hands, face, breasts, ears and others. Around 3% to 4% of the people of the world are affected with some kind of congenital anomaly. A lot of people with these problems can make the most of surgery for correcting the malformation or decrease its appearance. Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic can help you with these procedures so that you can restore your appearance and improve your self-esteem. The most common anomalies are those which affect the breast. The anomalies of the body or face are not that common, but treatable.


Anomalies which affect the normal development of the breast can affect teens and adults alike. Breast disorders and breast masses might lead to low self-esteem. Accessory breast tissue may be present in the form of accessory tissue or polymastia, and accessory nipples or polythelia. The Poland syndrome or absence of breast tissue or nipple can be rectified with breast augmentation surgery. The different kinds of anomalies affecting the symmetry and size of the breast include tuberous breast, breast atrophy, breast asymmetry, hypertrophy and juvenile breast hypertrophy.

Face and Body

Different anomalies might influence the septum and the nose leading to problems like nasal obstruction, discharge or other cosmetic concerns. In a few instances, the nasal surgery can address symptoms and size of these problems. There can be anomalies in different parts of the ear such as middle, inner and outer ear. The anomalies may include aural atresia, microtia (small ear/absent ear), macrotia (large ear), lop ear, ossicular malformations, accessory appendages and others. Different kinds of surgical interventions might address the issues associated with congenital anomalies. Congenital breast issues are remedied with breast reduction or augmentation surgery, on the basis of their symptoms.

Anomalies in the ear are corrected through otoplasty. Septoplasty and rhinoplasty can also be carried out for dealing with problems affecting the nose. Hand anomalies, like polydactyly or syndactyly, are cured with the help of a plastic surgeon particularly trained in hand surgery.


Hand malformaitons involve syndactyly (webbed fingers), crooked fingers, trigger fingers, short fingers, absent thumb, polydactyly (extra fingers), as well as missing fingers. These can be corrected through plastic surgery by providing some extent of functional capacity. You need to consult with the plastic surgeon for best results.