Chin Augmentation in Karachi, Pakistan


Chin has a major role in facial aesthetics most of the people ignore it while considering over all facial proportions.

A depressed chin can never bring a charm to your face. So for those who are suffering from small chin can get their chin augmented with different options.

Like fillers, fat graft and chin implants.

Filler gives an instant lift with a single prick but lasts only 6 months.

Fat graft gives a relatively longer lift but we have to take fat from you than purify it and re inject it in your chin. Fat has certain absorption rate so mostly its done 2-3 time to get the desirable results.

Chin implants are made up of silicon one of the most inert material that can be used in human body and results are ever lasting. Different sizes of implants are available and selected based on your facial profile

In consultation with Dr Faisal Akhlaq tells all the options in detail and and guide in selection for the best suited procedure in relation with your demands.

Looking to get it done perfectly than you need a best plastic surgeon and Dr Faisal Akhlaq is a choice in Pakistan you always consult before going for any aesthetic procedure in Karachi.

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