Butt Reshaping

Butt reshaping is an esthetic surgery and can be done by different methods. Buttock lift, liposuction, fat transplant or buttock implants can be used to enhance the patient’s buttocks. Patients suffering from contour deformities and traumatic buttock injuries might need these correctional procedures usually through fat injections as well as autologous tissue flaps. The radical increase in body contouring after major losses like bariatric surgery for obesity has also given rise to contouring of the buttock. Weight loss measures which lead to deformities of the flat buttock are usually severe and require buttock improvement surgery. You should also understand that buttock reshaping needs to address the whole of the back, thigh, flanks and hips.

The butt reshaping process involves remodeling of the buttocks, back and thighs. This surgical methord can alter both the psychological and physical health of the individual as it is connected with the contours of the body. The muscles of the buttocks ensure gait and stability and affect the type of reshaping process that is selected. All processes on the buttocks and posterior contour should be done by completely assessing and understanding the complexity of the structure. Patients who go for treatment should be aware of the impending risks that are related with any surgical process.

Plan the Posterior Re-contouring Surgery

Buttock reshaping is at times known as gluteoplasty, buttocks augmentation or Brazilian butt lift and includes the lifting or enlargement of the buttocks with the help of fat injections and implants. With autologous fat transfer, the patient’s body fat is used to enhance the shape of the buttocks. The process is restricted by the amount of fat which can be transferred from the other areas of the body and the amount of fat that can be recovered after the transfer.

Implants are solid silicone buttocks which are positioned under the gluteal muscles. They might be the only alternative for patients who do not contain enough body fat for being used for augmentation. There is a major complication rate for gluteal implants. This is why they are not preferred by too many cosmetic surgeons. Hip contouring is often done by liposuction for contouring the outer thigh, lower back and hips to project a better shape for the buttocks. It might even reduce the buttocks size. The plastic surgeon might create infra-gluteal buttocks crease or use surgical excision for lifting the shape of the buttocks as well as improve the back of your thighs to enhance the look of your buttocks.