Breast Tightening

Breast tightening is clinically referred to as mastopexy surgery. Patients with sagging or dropping breasts are ideal candidates for breast tightening. The aim of this surgical procedure is to restore the lost firmness of the breast due to a number of reasons. The plastic or cosmetic surgeon carries out the procedure with the help of general anesthesia since the breasts need to be incised and excess skin removed. After the breast tightening surgery, the enhanced shape of the sagging breast is achieved.

In the process which is also known as mastopexy, the position of the areola and the nipple is adjusted to a higher location. This is done with the help of the breast tissues for elimination of additional skin which is viewed in the lower region of the breasts. With the help of the process, the scars are marked out around the areas of the breast.z

Breast tightening procedure is aimed to help regain the firmness of sagging breasts. The operation will not help you achieve breasts with enlarged volume, and if you want to achieve an increased breast size, you should carry out breast tightening surgery alongside breast augmentation or lifting so as to attain both types of amplification using a single operation. Since the mastopexy operation is a temporary solution helping you to regain your breast firmness and shape, the effect of implants help ensure that the breast is kept firm longer.

Breast tightening fills the emptiness of the breasts so that it gains a fuller look. The process of breast lift ensures that the breasts stay firm, and by carrying out both the processes at the same time, it helps achieve better fullness and firmness. Several incisions are made in the breast region, such as beneath the breast, in the adjacent areas of the areola, and its center (which experiences a vertical cut), and near the base of the breast.

The process of breast tightening is used to attain a fuller look, giving the breast its desired shape and form. Once the breasts are elevated, the additional skin near the area is also removed. The process helps in securing total breast makeover. A few scars can be repeatedly seen near the area of the areola, a vertical incision is visible too. The area of the breast fold is also incised. Some scars may disappear, while others stay on.

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