Breast Reduction

Breast reduction refers to an aesthetic process of cosmetic surgery to make you look fuller with improved confidence. If your breasts are too large in proportion to the overall frame of your body, you can opt for breast reduction surgery. There are various problems associated with huge breasts including irritation in the crease of your breasts, chronic pain in your shoulders or back, bad body posture and difficulty in taking part in physical activities. The basic advantage of undertaking breast reduction surgery is that it enhances the self-confidence of the patient.

Breast reduction does significantly impacts the overall personality of the woman. If the weight of your breasts is too much, you can reduce the size of your organs and enjoy a normal life. If the large size of your breasts is preventing you from participating in physical activities and sports, the discomfort and difficulty can be significantly reduced by this procedure. If the breasts sag and reach down to your tummy, the plastic surgeon can perform breast reduction. The experience can be a liberating one for the patients who had once been hindered by large and sagging breasts.

The patients of breast reduction surgery can expect the improvement in the body contour and readjustment of their neck and shoulders posture. This surgical technique offers lasting results. The surgery entails different procedures such as tissue elimination and placement of incision. The size of your breast before the surgery determines the process of lift, augmentation, tightening or removal that the patient desires.

As this is an individualized process, the cosmetic surgeon develops a customized plan of treatment for your operation and guides you through pre- and post-operation instructions. If you have any question or concern, make sure to have them sufficiently cleared beforehand. This helps in the securing of consistent results.

Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan is a noted plastic surgeon at the Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic. He is skilled in his art and has helped a numerous patients in Pakistan to achieve splendid results every single day. If you are a candidate for breast reduction, do not waste your time. Visit Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic immediately for a pleasant look.

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