Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is the process through which the shape of a woman’s breasts is restored after she undergoes a mastectomy. While the aim of the method is not to restore the breasts of a woman, it does give the appearance of fuller breasts. Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan at the Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic is your best choice for breast reconstruction.

The reconstructed breast cannot give a natural sensation, but the end result looks like a natural breast. In the process of reconstruction, the cosmetic surgeon creates a mound of breast either with the help of a breast implant or by taking tissues from the woman’s belly, buttocks or back. The implants are basically sacs of silicone that are filled with silicone gel or water. The type of breast reconstruction depends on the type of your body, age and cancer treatment that you receive. The process of breast reconstruction requires more than a single surgery. The additional steps may incorporate:

  • Addition of a nipple
  • Changing the size or shape of the breast that has been reconstructed
  • Operation may be required on the opposite breast for a better appearance

The basic aspect of the process is usually undertaken and is conducted immediately following a mastectomy. Patients suffering from significant medical comorbidities such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, and habitual smokers are at risk. The plastic surgeon may opt for delayed reconstruction for risk reduction. Primary reconstruction can induce a high infection rate, as it is performed in tune with the mastectomy. However, the process entails significant psychological and financial benefits.

Patients are required to undergo external beam radiation for adjuvant treatment. They are considered candidates for autologous breast reconstruction for risk alleviation as a result of higher complication rates. The process of breast reconstruction usually requires multiple operations. It may take several week or months for follow up surgeries. In case of use of an implant, the person is susceptible to hazards and complications like patients who opt for breast augmentation.

Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic offers patients solutions in breast reconstruction in Karachi. It can be a painful process as the surgery can be undertaken to remove cancer. The care of Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan is flawless and ensures that all your considerations are paid attention to. Visit the cosmetic surgery clinic today to feel the difference.

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