Botox Treatment

Botox treatment is explained as a simple, non-surgical treatment through which one can smoothen the moderate to serious frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, neck bands etc. The several advantages of Botox injections have made it a popular treatment. With the help of Botox treatment you can give your face a revitalized and younger look. Here, you will find some of the common benefits of Botox treatment:

Botox treatment for eyes

Wrinkles caused due to muscle movement and facial expression is generally developed around the eyes. You will be glad to know that now these wrinkles can be treated by using botox treatment. Botox weakens the muscles that are mainly responsible for crinkling and squinting of the area surrounding the eyes. This treatment effectively lessens or eliminates wrinkles and crow’s feet developed under the eyes. As botox injections affect the muscle nerves rather than sensation nerves, the patents do not feel pain in that specific area.

Botox treatment for eyebrows

Laughing, frowning and smiling can cause permanent wrinkles on the areas around eyebrow.With the removal of wrinkles around the eyebrow the appearance of the person also changes drastically. As botox treatments are effective in enhancing severe frown lines developed between the eyebrows, many people have chosen it as an alternative to lift the eyebrows. Once you undergo botox treatments for removing the lines around brows, you will find the effects after few days and the results will last for 6 months.

Botox for forehead wrinkles

Wrinkles developed on the forehead makes one appear much older than they actually are. As people start aging, the muscles that are used for forming facial expression develop permanent folds in the skin. One of the major benefits of Botox injections are they relax the facial muscles which in turn results in smooth skin without wrinkles. Once a person undergoes Botox treatment, the muscles that are responsible in causing wrinkles does not remain active which in turn avoids the development of wrinkles.

Botox treatment for Jaw contouring

Lately, doctors have invented another benefit of Botox treatment. There are people who have oversizedjaw muscles. They can reduce the size of their jaw muscles with Botox treatment. You will come across people who are not satisfied with their square-shaped face. If you are also one among them there is nothing to get disappointed as with this treatment you can even change the shape of your face. It has been found by several studies that Botox treatment lessens the size of masseter muscles which in turn results in curved jaw and cheeks.

Botox treatment is not limited to treating wrinkles and crow’s feet but also offers several other health benefits. FDA approved this treatment for many other non-cosmetic treatments like blepharospasm, excessive sweating and migraine.

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