Arms Liposuction


Arm Lift is a Surgical Procedure that is performed to correct the appearance of arms by removing excessive, sagging skin. the results of arm liposuction in karachi at Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic leave you with confident &  toned arms.

A Brachioplasty will reduce the circumference of the arms by removing unwanted skin tissue, including any fats deposits through means of excision and/or liposuction.

Description of Arms Liposuction – Arms Lift

Arms liposuction is the solution for people who are not secure about revealing their arms. The worst thing is that they lose confidence especially when they see loose hanging flaps which develop beneath upper arm. Exercises do not help reduce these areas of fat and this is why you need the services of a cosmetic surgeon. Arms liposuction can help the body look stunning by dealing with the sagging fat in the upper arms. The traditional liposuction process eliminates the fat, but leaves behind too much of sagging skin and there is also the chance of scarring.


What Arms Liposuction Involves

The recent developments in arms liposuction can address the loose skin in the upper arms. The process is fast, effective and almost painless. Arms liposuction deals with the flabby folds on the upper part of the arm. This region is comprised of skin and tissue, more than just fat. This is why cosmetic surgery uses laser liposuction to dissolve the fat and tighten the skin.

What basically happens in arms liposuction is that a small cannula is inserted in the skin to melt the fat. When melted, it is diluted and eliminated through suction. The skin lying close to the incision is then firmed up before the application of sutures. The entire procedure takes a couple of hours and can be done with the help of local anesthesia. It helps minimize the trauma of the skin, rendering little swelling or scars.

Recovery from arms liposuction is slow. The individual experiences soreness and bruising right after the surgery is conducted. To many, it feels as if they have been through an extensive workout session. The patient may want to rest their arms as much as they can for a period of 4 to 5 days. Just like abdomen and tummy liposuction, it takes about 4 weeks to completely recover from the procedure.

It is advised by the cosmetic surgeon to wear a compression sleeve which is wrapped around the arm. It helps to hold the incision and the affected area in place. The arm may be swollen and somewhat bruised, but that will be minimized through the compression sleeve. It also makes the scars almost invisible.


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