Anti-Aging Treatments

Our skin goes through a lot of changes with age and this affects its volume, appearance and texture. The good news is that plastic surgeon can use lasers or fillers for correcting the most noteworthy signs and recommend products for skin care. These products contain ingredients which repair damaged skin.

Types of Anti-aging Treatments

Intense Pulsed Light

The IPL Therapy is a popular means through which plastic surgeon can enhance the texture of your skin. The process is non-invasive and comparatively painless, concentrating different kinds of light frequencies on your face to reduce brown spots, redness, and eliminate fine lines. The results are visible after 3 sessions.


Turn the heat up with laser enhancements for treating fine lines and lift sagging skin. Some treatments also target sonogram imaging for targeting the ultrasound waves down to the dermis. It also helps trigger the healing responses of the body to promote the effect of collagen. You should go for the treatments under the guidance of a certified and licensed professional.


The most common solution for wrinkles and fine lines are cosmetic fillers and promising injectable solutions. These also include pure botulinum toxins that are approved by the FDA. The products are injected within the skin by a licensed medical practitioner to plump up and lift the skin. The results are instant, but not long standing which means you need to go for multiple treatments for maintaining the best results.


If your skin is not hypersensitive, check out prescription products which are rich in retinoids that contain Vitamin A. These were previously developed as acne treatments, and help eliminate creases through exfoliation of the topmost layer of the skin and stimulating the production of collagen in the layers underneath.

Chemical Peels

You may peel for a smoother skin. Chemical peels which are administered by plastic surgeon contain beta hydroxyl, alpha hydroxyl and salicylic acids for reducing blemishes and fine lines, while at the same time imparting a healthful glow. The results can be regularly maintained with gentler home versions of office based formulas.


If you have a sensitive skin and want to reduce fine lines, choose products which contain peptides of amino acids. They work similar to retinoid by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, but act gently on the dermis. Peptides are a part of skin creams, and makeup and help in skin renewal.

Lifestyle Changes

Kick that smoking habit and avoid fad diets to stave off the fine lines. The chemicals in cigarettes affect circulation and damage collagen, leading to sagging skin.

With these above treatments, you can make your facial skin feel rejuvenated. Visit experts at Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic today.