We as a human are created in male and female. But very really it is possible that a new born has genitals that can’t be differentiated either in male or female and this condition is called ambiguous genetalia.

Although they are otherwise completely normal but determination of their sex is difficult due to under formed or mixed genitals.

These children are first screened for their genetic codes to ascertain their sex beside this some blood test which are done to reconfirm it.

Normally these children are taken care by a team of doctors included pediatrician, endocrinologist, psychologist, plastic surgeon and counselor.

We involve both father and mother in the management plan. Once all work up is done than proper counselling by Dr Faisal Akhlaq is of real help in understanding the situation for parents and to active participate in all major decision regarding their child.

Final decision for child upbringing as a male or female depends on the test results and family concerns.

Than these children have to go through 2-3 surgeries at different ages and psycho therapy to get fit in their respective roles which are more closely matched with their workup.

Dr Faisal usually operates lots of these types of children. If you are a parent of this type of child and want, your kid to be treated in best hand of a plastic surgeon than you should visit our facility to meet him and discuss all issues to get a proper guidance.

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