Lip Reduction Procedure in Karachi, Pakistan

Lips are a sign of beauty. Every one attribute good lips with glamor and charm.

If you have heavy lips that looks odd and doesn’t suits your face than they can be easily reduce in size with a minor surgery under local anesthesia.

You can attain a perfect size that you always wished to have in accordance with your face.

Lot of people seek lip reduction for different reasons like boost their confidence, look good, feel satisfied from themselves.

Lip reduction needs lot of accuracy so that after procedure your lips are well a lined again and show no difference. As only a difference of 2 mm in lips can be visible from communication distance. At Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic, you can get this procedure safely with best plastic surgeon of Pakistan.

Dr Faisal Akhlaq is a fully qualified and trained plastic surgeon based in Karachi. He does all the aesthetic procedure at his state of art facility.

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